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Circularity 20 Conference Finds

The list has grown and will be categorized and likely integrated with the earlier set of links below.

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Links below ⬇️ curated from the from the Linear to Circular 2020 Slack workspace.

Business Models

On Disruption

FLTC Open To All Webinar Recordings

Understanding CE

On CE Progress

  • Which country is winning the race to a circular economy?
  • Widespread success of the term circular economy in the institutional and public debate

On Scaling CE & Playbooks

We've reached the end of the awareness period for CE. Now it's time to scale. And this requires different approaches.

On Measuring CE

On Design

  • - full information about the full life-cycle and embedded energy of common design materials and products.

At City and Region Level

Business Offering CE Consulting Services

Business Offering CE Supporting Services

Businesses Implementing CE at its core

Business with Circular Economy programs

Media & Blogs covering CE

Art & Circularity

  • How Norway’s latest crop of designers is engaging with circularity





On Buildings

On Agriculture

Other Finds

The Reading List

Most links are taken directly from the reading list prepared by others.


Papers/research publications/reports



Resources - Canadian




Business Model Examples & Businesses